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Silver Creek Studios patch bay, preamp, and interface in the studio venue.


Every step of the journey, we’ll be there to assist you. We’re here to help you if you’re unsure where to begin or simply need some direction to complete some ideas.

A live protools recording session with Baccano


Looking to clean up your home recorded tracks, recorded at another studio, or maybe just want to add some Silver Creek flair 
Pink and Blue ambient lights set the vibe for a Recording Suite. These lights are completely changeable to whatever colors you enjoy!


We can take you to the next level with our huge assortment of gear, engineering skills, and hands-on experience. Your mixes will truly shine with industry standard loudness, punch, and clarity!

Silver Creek Studios provides the complete package, including sound, lighting, and the works!

Live shows TO SOUND

Are you wanting to film your performance or do you require a full stage set-up? We provide the complete package, including sound, lighting, and the works!

Guitar tracking from a Baccano recording session


Immortalize your ideas into a record! We’re here to help you optimize and record your songs or corporate VOs.

Silver Creek Studios Live Music Venue


Do you require lighting for a live performance, a business event, or another occasion? We have a large range of lighting equipment on hand to get the job done properly.


A/V Consultation

Are you putting together your own audio/visual setup? Contact us for a consultation to ensure that you stay within your budget while keeping high quality performance. Do you require assistance with the actual install process? We’ve also got you covered!


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Our Expertise

On time and on budget

First, we'll schedule a consultation before we begin working on your project to determine a timeline and budget. This ensures that you know precisely what to expect in the studio and most importantly, that you're receiving the most bang for the buck.


At Silver Creek Studios, communication is crucial! We'll check in with each other along the road to make sure we're on track to meet our objectives.